Puppy Socialization


At Le Pouf we’ve had the priviledge of being a part of the lives of hundreds of amazing dogs, and we’ve seen first hand the profound benefits of our puppy socialization service on the lives of dogs and their owners. Unfortunately we’ve also lived the pain of loving dogs who missed out on crucial socialization work in the critical canine developmental window between 8 and 16 weeks of age.

Teaching your dog to love and accept children, dogs, cats, and many other things can be done in minutes before 16 weeks and last a lifetime. After this critical period, you are looking at months or years of work to accomplish the same results.

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are a fantastic supplement to one on one puppy socialization work, but they are not remotely sufficient for puppy socialization. Puppy classes teach dogs to get along with puppies. They do not cover the incredibly important aspects of socializing with all colors, shapes, and sizes of humans, children, cats, other animals, sounds, and unique evironments in a safe and sanitary way that protects your puppy’s physical and emotional well-being. Furthermore, for busy working pet parents, attending a puppy class with your dog may simply not be feasible.

Midday Socialization

Pick Up and Drop Off from your home Included!
While you’re at work, your puppy trainer arrives at your home, takes puppy for a potty break and socialization session, and returns them to your home tired and happy. A daily email report with the sessions progress and photos is sent to you.


Puppy Socialization Package……………$250 for 5 sessions

Our program consists of a basic package of five 90 minute (minimum) all positive, one on one socialization sessions. Our goal is to introduce your dog to 100 new things (animals, people, sounds, experiences) per session. Your puppy’s program will cover a vast collection of ‘basics’ as well as a selection of exposures customized to the unique needs of your family.

For dogs born with more challenging or delicate temperments, additional work may be required to achieve excellent results. Some animals have challenging enough temperments to require early intervention from a certified Animal Behaviorist. In such cases we will refer out to a selection of excellent behaviorists with whom we have worked closely.