Dog Park Days

dog-park-daysIt’s not just a trip to the dog park. It’s a pet parent’s support system. We provide your pet with exhilarating exercise and loads of affection. We provide you with peace of mind.

We take pride in limiting our pack size to 10 or fewer dogs. This allows our staff to stay in a positive frame of mind and keep your pets safe and happy.

We supply daily photos of every dog park outing showcasing your pet’s adventure with his friends. We keep in close contact about your dog’s health and behavior, and we’re always fine tuning his social skills for you. Our pack leaders are professional, accountable, and appreciate your dog as a companion and equal.

Premier Pet Parents get $2 off every outing!
Premier Pet Parents are clients on a recurring schedule with monthly billing and a valid card on file for payment. That’s up to $40 off per month! What a treat!



This unique service is available Monday through Friday afternoons. A fantastic heart pumping time for social dogs who need to run, or just love the company of other dogs! Your pooch will enjoy a minimum of 60 minutes of off-leash time at Marymoor and a ride to and from the park with his friends.

Dog Park Day (one dog) …………………………$26*
*Regularly $28, but $26 for Premier Pet Parents!
Dog Park Day (two dogs) ………………………… $42*
*Regularly $44, but $42 for Premier Pet Parents!


Q: What do the dogs do at the park?
A: They run, chase each other, play, sniff the scents of wild animals who passed through, swim, eat treats, and explore for an hour.

Q: How do you keep track of all the dogs? Is it total chaos?
A: Absolutely not! 40 acre Marymoor dog park on a weekday afternoon is very low key. The park is pretty empty, and most dogs in attendance are being handled by professionals. Dogs in our groups are taught to come when called and are actively supervised by our permitted professional dog walkers who have animal behavior training and lots of experience (and they carry GOOD treats!). We keep the pack moving throughout the park which keeps them together as a group with their leader. Quite different from the chaotic sunny Saturdays at the dog park, when every wound up dog in the Seattle Metropolitan area heads to the same place, at the same time, with amateur handlers. Those sunny Saturdays make us squirm too.

Q: Who is in my dog’s group?
A: A consistent little family of friendly dogs who know each other and know their handler! The great thing about Le Pouf is that we have multiple packs, so if your dog isn’t getting on well with his pack, he can switch to a different little family to find the right fit.

Q: Will my dog get sick from going to the Dog Park?
A: Healthy, immunized dogs derive far more benefit than risk from dog parks. We’ve been guiding packs through Marymoor since 2005, and we have not had greater incidence of illness among dogs in our Dog Park packs when compared to dogs who go on leashed walks. The key here is common sense: if your dog loves to eat poop or rocks, is immuno-compromised, or has not been fully immunized, we do not recommend that they attend a dog park or even walk on a well-used trail.