Helping Pets, Helping the Planet

Turn your trash into treasure!

Le Pouf collects your old mobile phones and sends them to Shelter Alliance who makes a donation of up to $30 (sometimes more!) to The Seattle Humane Society for each phone.

Our greatest passions at Le Pouf are our clients, their pets, and our planet. Imagine our delight when we discovered a way to help all three at the same time!

Why donate your old phones?

cellphone1Old cell phones contain toxic compounds that break down in landfills and contaminate ground water with heavy metals. Yuck! That’s why it is illegal to dump old cell phones in the garbage, which means…

Until now, your best option was to spend your time driving to the dump or hunting down a drop off location that charges you to recycle your old phone, but now…

You can save yourself the trip and make a tax-deductible donation that will save the lives of pets in need!

Ready to donate? Giving is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Download and complete the donation form. Complete the optional form and you’ll get a reciept in the mail from The Seattle Humane Society for your tax deductible donation.

2. Tell us where you’ll leave the phone and form Call or email to inform us of your donation and your sitter will simply pickup the phone(s) and donation form at your home when she visits your pets! Easy!

3. Peace of mind! You’ll feel fantastic knowing that you’ve decluttered your home, saved the planet, and saved the lives of pets in need! Now that’s a triple whammy of giving.

Want to donate, but you’re not receiving service soon? You can drop your phone & form off at the UPS Store at 218 Main St. Kirkland, WA 98033. Simply ask them to put it in our P.O. Box, #503.

Learn more about the program

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