Help Local Rescues

Sheba and Bogey Lay

Sheba, right, was rescued by Barks R Us as a stray at 6 months old- she was emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks. Along with her friend Bogey, she’s asking you to help other pets in need!

Donating to local pet rescues has gotten a lot easier thanks to technology, and you can make a huge difference with just $15-20!  Here’s the easy way to donate directly to two wonderful Seattle area no-kill rescues:

Purrfect Pals:

Purrfect Pals rescues cats and kittens in the Puget Sound area; they rehome cats who are healthy and live well with humans.  They run a sanctuary for Feral & FIV cats so they can live out their lives happy and healthy.

Purrfect Pals makes it easy for generous cat lovers to identify and meet their needs through their Amazon Shelter Wishlist.  The wishlist lists the specific brands and types of supplies they need, and even tells you the priority level for needed items; then you can buy items for them through your Amazon account!  We love it, you will too!  Click here to go to their Amazon Wishlist and help out.

Homeward Pet:

Homeward pet is a no-kill rescue for dogs and cats in the Puget Sound area.  Between their Woodinville shelter (which we’ve toured- nice place!) and their wide network of foster homes, Homeward Pet is helping to give lots of pets a second chance at a forever home.  They have an online donation page which shows their specific needs and allows you to donate these critical supplies online using your PayPal account  Click here to go to their Shelter Essentials page and help dogs and cats who are waiting for their forever home!

Barks R Us:

Barks R Us is a tiny dog and cat rescue that is truly on the frontlines of the homeless pet battle.  They are located in Yakima, WA which is where many of the homeless pets in Seattle area shelters originated.  Yakima is not an affluent community, and it’s hard for these small but crucial operations to get the help they need to continue their wonderful work.  Plus, here at Le Pouf we’re partial to Barks R Us since they rescued our muse Sheba when she was covered in ticks and fleas, a 6 month old stray on the brink of starvation.  Had Elly not picked Sheba up at the pound and offered her a spot in her home, she could have been euthanized.  Today she brings us and many of our clients endless joy!  Barks R Us is most in need of funds for Veterinary Care to help sickly rescued animals…like Sheba!  If you’d like to help them, mail checks to Selah Veterinary Hospital 151 McGonagle Road, Selah, WA 98942 in care of Barks R Us Rescue.